Phillips Air Fryer Recipes

Mr Webchef saw one in a magazine and have to have one after failing dismallly to make baked chips in the oven. He got it and fully intending to send it back after the 30 day trial period if all we could do were 'Air' fried chips and chicken. Halfway through the 30day trial period we found that paired with the Thermomix we had a great fast meal duo.

One of my first serious 'Trial' meals was a Roasted Filet of Beef with roast baby potatoes made in the Airfryer and Steamed Baby Brocoli and Asparagus done in the Thermomix................yummo. The steak had a great flavour, was as soft as butter and had a rare core at the dead centre of the meat. The thinner bits of the fillet were well done, but still buttery tender.

The second trial was baked apples.....................20 minutes and they were ready to serve and delicious.

It stayed and Mr Webchef wanted me to start writing down my trials so he can use the recipes when Webchef is away for work or play. So this new recipe page was born.

Cravaners this and a thermomix and you do not need an oven.